Ashley Sundquist Homeless Google Map Resources

Joe and I now talk daily, dreaming and scheming of ways to distribute our Google Maps lists to people in need. Working on these interactive maps has given me a more meaningful sense of purpose and connection to the Local Guides program and profoundly changed my life.

Here are all of our Google Maps Lists in one spot:

1. LA Food Banks
2. LA Shelters
3. LA Teen Resources
4. LA Restaurants with EBT Eligibility
5. LA Mental Health Resources
6. Free WiFi on LA’s Westside

Transportation to LA shelters:,-118.7032255,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!11m2!2ssgi3OERWSUCzl8U91SWlxQ!3e3

Here’s my Google Doc with COVID-19 Resources’ locations on Google Maps. Please feel free to copy it for your city! All of the free icons are from The Noun Project.