Street Outreach Program Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary


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Homeless Gear’s Street Outreach Program Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary—All-Volunteer Team Has Never Missed a Shift

Fort Collins, Colorado, December 1, 2016

Homeless Gear’s Street Outreach program today celebrated its five-year anniversary, recording its 780th -consecutive Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday evening shift. The team has never missed a shift. 

Homeless Gear launched the program on December 1, 2016 in response to requests from community leaders and after an extensive review of similar programs elsewhere. Ken John, Homeless Gear’s Founder, and Rick Weaver, Homeless Gear’s former Program Director, participated in the first shift. Since then, the program has served both as a lifeline and a mobile entry point into the system of service provision for thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness.

“There is simply no way to replicate the value of meeting people where they are, physically and emotionally,” said David Rout, Homeless Gear’s Executive Director. “For five years, our volunteers have built relationships with thousands of individuals and, in many cases, connected those individuals with services that helped them escape homelessness.”

The program records about 40 interactions per night, but that number can rise to as high as 100, depending on weather and other factors.


Homeless Gear’s Street Outreach program sends paired volunteers onto the streets of Fort Collins three nights per week—Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday—to deliver life-sustaining supplies and referrals to people experiencing homelessness.

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