Meet the Homeless Gear Team!

David Rout
Executive Director
(970) 682-3193

Linda Nuss
Program Director
(970) 316-4037

Chelsey Mandell (Cash Donation/Fundraising Inquiries)
Development Director
(970) 587-3556

Kate Finch (Product Donation Inquiries)
Distribution Program Manager
(970) 829-1151

Pam Brewer (Volunteer Inquiries)
Volunteer Coordinator
(970) 829-1162

Rachel Kirkland
Hand Up Program Manager
(970) 494-9702

Kortney Campbell
OVOF Program Manager
(970) 829-8934

Murphy Center for Hope

Homeless Gear is the Managing Partner of the Murphy Center for Hope, a resource center for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Fort Collins. The following staff members are Homeless Gear’s front-line team at the Murphy Center: 

Kim Larsen
Center Director
(970) 494-4307

Ken John
Development Director
(970) 581-4921

Connie H.
Intake Specialist

Tom A.
Intake Specialist

Sabrina J.
Intake Specialist

Rob C.
Intake Specialist