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When it comes to homelessness — and the organizations that provide services for people experiencing homelessness — the process of defining impact is almost as difficult as it is to create impact in the first place. Is Homeless Gear fulfilling its mission? Do we empower individuals and families who face homelessness to survive, move forward and thrive? Are we making a splash, or is it just a drop in the bucket? How do we know? 

Homelessness is a complex issue that both impacts and is impacted by the world around us. In practical terms, that means that we must produce and tap into a wide range of data: qualitative and quantitative, outputs and outcomes, internal and external and, of course, both what we help make happen and what we help prevent from happening. 


A summary of recent awards:

  • Realities for Children Affiliate Youth Agency of the Year Award (OVOF Program, 2017)
  • Group Publishing, Social Services Community-Based Award (2016)
  • City of Loveland, Model Partnership Award (Murphy Center for Hope, 2016)
  • Fort Collins Interfaith Council, Nonprofit Award (OVOF Program, 2016)
  • Governor’s Service Awards, Outstanding Nonprofit of the Year Award (2015)
  • City of Fort Collins’ Human Relations Commission Award (2015)
  • Jim Drendel Growing Stronger Together Award (Ken & Nancy John, 2015)

Community Data

Homeless Gear is a proud partner in our community’s plan to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring. We contribute data to community-level initiatives and evaluate our own success based on the extent to which we help move the needle — at the community-level — on the issue of homelessness.

For a snapshot of some community-level (Fort Collins) data, visit the website of Homeward 2020, the steward of the 10-year plan. For state- and national-level data, visit the website of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. 

Program Data

Homeless Gear operates six programs and the Murphy Center for Hope. The following reflects key data points for each of those programs and the Murphy Center. We update this data each month. Data is current through July 2017. 

Distribution Program Page

The Distribution Program was founded in 2008; it is the original program of Homeless Gear. Through it, we distribute life-sustaining supplies to individuals and families who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness across the state. 

Since Program Inception: 

  • Distributed $8.3 million worth of life-sustaining products
  • Distributed the equivalent of 265,000 meals
  • Recorded 2,100 shipments of product to more than 100 agencies that serve people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness across Colorado 

Children in Need Program Page

The Children in Need program was launched in 2009. It centers around quarterly service events for and product distribution to children and families. 

Since Program Inception: 

  • Served 3,000 families at quarterly service events, distributing supplies and connecting those families to dozens of community resources
  • Distributed the equivalent of 29,500 meals to children and families in the Thompson School District (through a partnership with the Loveland Rotary Kids Pak program)

Night Street Outreach Program Page

The Night Street Outreach program was launched at the start of 2012. Volunteers go out onto the streets three nights per week to engage with people experiencing homelessness. 

Since Program Inception: 

  • Recorded 35,000 interactions with thousands of unduplicated individuals
  • Conducted 861 consecutive (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday) Street Outreach shifts

Dedicated Navigator Program Page

The Dedicated Navigator program was launched in 2011 and joined Homeless Gear’s family of programs in 2015. The program helps people who are homeless or near-homeless apply for government assistance.

Since Program Inception: 

  • Helped complete 2,500 applications for benefits (SNAP, TANF, OAP, AND, etc.)
  • Since 2016 (newer data points): Helped 516 individuals/households gain approval for more than $1.95 million in annual benefits

Hand Up Program Page

The Hand Up program was launched in 2008 and joined Homeless Gear’s family of programs at the end of 2012. It empowers job-seekers to find and maintain employment.

Since Program Inception: 

  • Helped secure 854 jobs for program participants
  • Recorded 700 transactions in Career Closet
  • Since 2016 (newer data point): Achieved 62 percent job-retention rate among successful program participants at six-months post-hire

One Village One Family Program Page

The One Village One Family program was launched at the end of 2014. It helps families escape homelessness and maintain housing; it connect families to long-term volunteer support. 

Since Program Inception: 

  • Helped 27 families (including 63 children) escape homelessness
  • Maintained 100 percent one-year, housing-retention rate

Murphy Center Program Page

The Murphy Center is a one-stop-shop resource center that provides a continuum of services to individuals and families who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in Larimer County. The facility opened in 2009; Homeless Gear became the Manager of the building in late 2015, and the Murphy Center moved under Homeless Gear’s umbrella at the start of 2017. 

Since Program Inception: 

  • Recorded 265,000 interactions with thousands of individuals and families experiencing or at-risk of homelessness
  • Recorded 36,000 showers and 11,500 loads of laundry
  • Since 2016: Performed 654 bike repairs
  • Since second quarter of 2016: recorded 77 housing-placements


“Homelessness and poverty are widespread and growing problems in Colorado. Every day, thousands of men, women and children wake up in homeless shelters or in homes they can barely afford, struggle to put food on the table and fight tooth-and-nail to make ends meet. Challenging economic conditions have only raised the stakes: if we are going to solve our problems, we must invest our resources wisely. As a result, we need organizations that address the issues with both an eye on the data and the real-world experience to know what works. Homeless Gear is one of those organizations.” – Joann Ginal, State Representative – District 52

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