Hand Up Old

Hand Up, located in Fort Collins, Colorado provides real, long-term solutions to end homelessness for its community members that find themselves in need of support.

Hand Up is a two-track program that aims to (a) help homeless, near homeless and low-income individuals gain and maintain employment and (b) provide intensive support – beyond employment – to single homeless women as they work to regain self-sufficiency.”

Images not provided by Hand Up  used by permission of Creative Commons from Flickr members. Flickr members credited in order of appearance of work: kenteegardin, lumaxart, Andreanna Moya Photography, dave416, Ed Yourdon, photologue_np, kenteegardin, budddawiggi, 401k, Images_of_Money, Tax Credits, benjaminasmith, Aristocrats

Music used by permission of Creative Commons: “Til We Meet Again, Instrumental Edit” by Rataxes

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