After a successful December fundraising campaign, we are excited to announce that—thanks for your support—we will launch the Murphy Center Endowment Fund this January, 2018!

There are multiple ways to support the Murphy Center Endowment Fund, below.  Please note that the Murphy Center is an initiative under Homeless Gear.

  1. DONATE ONLINE by clicking here; on the page, click the yellow “Donate” button. Please note “MC Endowment Fund” in the opportunity for comment
  2. MAIL A CHECK to “Homeless Gear” at 1305 Duff Drive, Unit 5, Fort Collins, CO 80524 and include “MC Endowment Fund” in the memo
  3. INCLUDE US IN YOUR LONG-TERM PLANS by making a legacy or planned gift

Why an Endowment Fund for the Murphy Center?

The Murphy Center has played a key role in our community since it was founded in 2009. While it has experienced changes since (management, number and focus of services, etc.), its vision has remained the same: provide a single space through which people who face homelessness can efficiently and effectively connect with service providers. Today, the Murphy Center serves four key, community purposes: one-stop-shop resource center, core service provider, host of morning/day services and home to the newly-launched Housing First Initiative. You can learn more about the Murphy Center here.

We cannot always predict the future, but we know that–year-over-year–resources are essential in carrying out our mission. An endowment ensures stability: it is a permanent fund that provides income each year to support a charitable cause. The word “endowment” simply means that your gift will be invested for the benefit of the organization — in this case, for the benefit of the Murphy Center. The earnings from these investments will be contributed to the Murphy Center every year and then used to fulfill the Murphy Center’s mission.

An endowment facilitates the strategic use of funds because it allows an organization to plan on its income from one year to the next (the fund will be professionally managed and will distribute a percentage of its funds to support ongoing needs of the Murphy Center). The endowment also presents an opportunity for donors who want to make legacy or planned gifts. (Thanks to the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado for this endowment information.)

Who Manages the Murphy Center Endowment Fund?

*The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado is a nonprofit, public foundation working to build permanent endowments for the benefit of charitable causes and organizations in Northern Colorado. It manages hundreds of individual charitable funds and serves a unique leadership role by bringing people and resources together around important local issues. Nearly 50 local nonprofit organizations have their endowments housed with the Community Foundation, and many individuals and businesses have established donor advised funds.

The Community Foundation proudly serves our region by promoting local philanthropy. We are the regional leader in building a more engaged, philanthropic, and visionary community by strategically connecting people with the causes they care about most. Through our annual grant and program distributions, we play a key role in enhancing the extraordinary quality of life the Northern Colorado region offers its residents.

Since 1975, the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has been connecting people who care to the causes they care about. The Foundation serves as the long-term steward for charitable funds — a multifaceted role that involves receiving and managing complex gifts, acting as the trustee of charitable trusts, providing numerous investment options for donors, and accounting for each individual fund.

*from the Community Foundation’s website

Thank you again for your support of Homeless Gear and the Murphy Center Endowment Fund. With a solid foundation beneath us, we are excited to look to the future. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about Homeless Gear, the Murphy Center, the Endowment Fund…or anything and everything in between!

Contact Information:

  • Ken John, Murphy Center Development Director, or (970) 581-4921
  • Chelsey Mandell, Homeless Gear Development Director, or (970) 587-3556
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