Looking Back on 2015

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Happy 2016! 

On behalf of all of us at Homeless Gear, thank you for all that you did to make 2015 a banner year. Thanks to your support, 28 children are no longer homeless (One Village One Family), our participants secured 125 jobs (Hand Up), individuals and families submitted over 460 benefits applications (Dedicated Navigator), outreach volunteers recorded 6,500 transactions with over 1,000 unduplicated individuals (Street Outreach), about 1,000 children received supplies and accessed other services (Children in Need), and an untold thousands of individuals received supplies that helped them survive and/or weather the elements (Distribution)… and, most recently, thanks to your support — and alongside an amazing collaborative of community agencies — we became the Managing Partner of the Murphy Center for Hope.

It’s a refrain you will hear from us all of the time… but it’s so much more than a cliche. It is the absolute truth: nothing we do would be possible without all of you — the thousands of individuals who devote their time, talent and treasure to Homeless Gear and the people we serve. 

I checked this number twice, and I still don’t believe it: Homeless Gear volunteers contributed over 11,000 volunteer hours in 2015. Another way to put that: volunteers contributed more hours in 2015 than there were hours in the year. That is why we are, literally, equipped to provide services to the people who need them most… whenever they need them and wherever they need them.  

Thank you to everyone. To our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, donors, business partners, community/city partners and the people we serve: we look forward to working alongside all of you in 2016. 


David Rout, Executive Director

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