In One-Day Event, Homeless Gear Distributes More than $300,000 Worth of Gear to 22 Agencies across Colorado


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Homeless Gear Ships $330,000 Worth of Life-Saving Gear to More than 22 Agencies across Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado, February 23, 2016:

Homeless Gear today distributed $330,000 worth of life-saving gear—temporary shelters, sleeping pads, coats, footwear, clothing and more—to 22 agencies from Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Greeley, Aurora and Denver, after a large gear supplier anonymously donated years-worth of overstocked product.

The product was delivered via trucks to the property of a long-time Homeless Gear volunteer, and Homeless Gear invited agencies from across the state to collect the supplies. Some 22 agencies responded, and those agencies will distribute the gear to the individuals and families whom they serve. Homeless Gear kept a small amount of product to distribute to its clients in Fort Collins.

“Homeless Gear has always collected gear both for the people we serve directly in Larimer County and the agencies that serve others across the state,” said David Rout Homeless Gear’s Executive Director. “Today was an encapsulation of that work, and we hope these supplies will both save lives and help other agencies focus on the programs that are core to their missions.”

Since 2008, Homeless Gear has recorded more than 1,900 shipments of product to over 100 agencies that serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness throughout Colorado.

Although the donor wishes to remain anonymous, Homeless Gear wishes to express its sincere gratitude.


Homeless Gear’s Distribution program was launched in 2008. Its mission is to provide people experiencing homelessness with the supplies that they need to survive and meet their basic needs. Homeless Gear distributes product directly to people-in-need and to other agencies that serve people who are homeless.

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