Homeless Gear Eclipses $25,000 Mark in Food Donations to Thompson School District


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Homeless Gear Collects More than $1,000 Worth of Food for Loveland Rotary Kids Pak over Weekend—Eclipses $25,000 Mark in Food Donations to Loveland in Less than Two Years

Loveland, Colorado, August 6, 2016

Homeless Gear collected $1,150 worth of supplies for the Loveland Rotary Kids Pak program today, eclipsing the $25,000-value mark in total donations to the organization in less than two years.

Homeless Gear began hosting food-collection events at the Loveland Sam’s Club in October 2014 and has, since then, donated all of the food proceeds to Loveland Rotary Kids Pak—a hunger-relief program that sends food bags home each weekend to low-income children and families in the Thompson School District.

Some 23 times since October 2014, Homeless Gear staff and volunteers have stood in front of the Loveland Sam’s Club, requesting donations of specific items from customers as they enter the store.

“It is a simple premise, but it has worked wonders,” said David Rout, Homeless Gear’s Executive Director. “It makes it easy to help, and the results speak for themselves.”

For more information on the Loveland Rotary Kids Pak program, visit www.lovelandrotarykidspak.com.

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