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Since 2014, Coins for Change has engaged hundreds of students in Homeless Gear, homelessness, and philanthropy. Coins for Change is a month-long awareness-building campaign through which students learn about homelessness and collect loose change to address the issue. Homeless Gear provides schools with the tools that they need to implement Coins for Change: fact sheets, awareness-building activities, coin collection containers, staff (to connect directly with students), and more. Click HERE for our Coins for Change Overview Flyer! 

Every year, we’re inspired by the creativity, passion, and impact of the students and staff who take on Coins for Change…not just by the tremendous work that they do throughout Coins for Change, but for what we know they will do for the future. A special thank you to Preston Middle School for being the first ever school to implement Coins for Change and to every school that has participated since:

Getting Coins for Change going at your school is simple: Contact CoinsforChange@HomelessGear.org and let us know that you’re interested. Our staff will meet with you and/or your classroom, club, or students who want to bring Coins for Change to their elementary-, middle- or high-school community. Then, it’s as simple as one, two, three, four steps: Pick your timeframe (e.g. the month of February), set your goals, make a plan, and kick-off the campaign! Click HERE for a comprehensive list of Coins for Change steps. 

“It’s impacted me to go see what’s wrong with the world and try to fix it in any way I can.  In other words, it has made me a better person.” – Local youth, on philanthropy

“Coins for change was amazing! It was a great experience for the students, including myself. I have never experienced something like this and it was breath-taking seeing the change my math and leadership class were making, along with Preston…I am so proud of all of the work Kinard and Preston has put into this!” – Local youth

“It was incredible today…I know that my group of students had quite an experience trying to figure out how to get help. We were the 18-year-old, unemployed, homeless, single, pregnant girl…We never did get anything to eat. It was so sad and frustrating.” – Local teacher, after a homelessness simulation (offered, optional, with Coins for Change)

“First and foremost, through the Coins for Change campaign, we continued to increase awareness in our school community of the very real issues that local families and individuals experience in dealing with homelessness.  Again, our students, parents and staff poured out their hearts and their pocketbooks to be a part of making a positive difference.  There are some great stories to share of how student awareness became connection and how connection became heartfelt contribution.  These stories literally brought me to tears of joy and gratitude.” – Local teacher


A special thank you to Tyler Lesmeister for donating his talent and creating our Coins for Change logo.



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