About Homeless Gear

“It’s not that successful people are givers; it is that givers are successful people.”  ~Patti Thor   

Walking the Walk of the Homeless To Support the FC Day Shelter

Walking the Walk of the Homeless To Support the FC Day Shelter

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Homeless Gear?   There is a gap in the products and services available to the homeless.  We want to focus on their need for outdoor gear, outdoor basic clothing, non perishable & readily consumable food and hygiene items.  While we want all the homeless to find permanent shelter from the elements we know that this is not always possible and the average time spent struggling through homelessness is increasing. 

Does Homeles Gear just help adults?   No.   60% of our homeless are families.  Homeless Gear is committed to serving the needs of all segments of our homeless community.

Where does the gear come from?   Everyone has items in their household that they no long need, want, or are using.  People are more than happy to donate their unwanted items to help someone in need.  We also work with corporate partners who donate gear and we purchase some items (gloves, socks, etc) with cash donations that we receive.

Do the homeless have to pay anything for the products I donate to Homeless Gear?  No person that we serve or any homeless facility that we support with product donations ever has to pay anything for any item that they receive from Homeless Gear!!

How does Homeless Gear distribute the gear to the homeless?    We currently work with 40 homeless facilities or programs in throughout Colorado that help us to distribute the gear we collect to the homeless community.  We also hold direct distributions at various locations each month and work with the homeless on a one on one basis (daily) to identify their needs and provide them with the appropriate gear to meet those needs through our gear room and night street outreach programs.

What if I’m not close to a drop off location?  Tell us what gear you have and where you are located.  We will find a match close to your location so that the homeless in your area can benefit from your donation. 

Is this program somehow enabling the homeless?  If you mean enabling them to avoid frostbite or worse then yes.  If you mean encouraging them to stay out on the streets then definitely no!  We want everyone to find permanent shelter.  Sometimes for a variety of reasons this can’t happen.  We don’t want to turn our back on those that can’t gain entrance into a shelter or choose not to.  Keep in mind we do not encourage anyone to camp in areas that are not legally permitted.   

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Does Homeless Gear accept money in addition to gear?   Yes.  Money can always be used to purchase gear from manufacturers or wholesalers and this gives us the ability to “round out” the gear we have available for the homeless. We have previously used some of our cash funding to purchase items like winter gloves, day packs, tarps and socks.  We always try to purchase at the highest level possible (manufacturing or wholesale) and negotiate the best possible price. 

While we depend on hundreds of volunteers to help us with our mission we also use cash donations to help us fund a very lean operating budget.  

Are cash contributions or gear donations tax deductible?   Yes.  Homeless Gear is a non profit 501c3 organization.   Homeless Gear has been designated as an Enterprise Zone project. All monetary contributions of $250 or more are eligible for a 25% State of Colorado Tax Credit.  Please request this certificate from us if you plan on using this credit on your taxes as we don’t automatically prepare or send one.

New in 2012: All Enterprise Zone donations must include a social security number or a Colorado Taxpayer Account Number in order to receive the Enterprise Zone credit.  Please note, taxpayers can use their Colorado Account Number in place of their Social Security Number on EZ tax credit forms if preferred.  

 All Colorado taxpayers have a Colorado Account Number and can request it by visiting www.colorado.gov/revenueonline .  Choose “Individual” of “Business” and then choose “Request Letter ID” and select “Sign Up.” Please include your social security or account number on your check when submitting your donation.