About Us/Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homeless Gear? Homeless Gear is a Fort Collins-based nonprofit that provides a continuum of services to individuals and families who are homeless or — in some cases — at risk of becoming homeless: supplies that help them survive in the short-term, connections to resources in the interim and links to employment, housing and self-sufficiency in the long-term.

Do you do more than distribute gear? Yes. We operate six programs that, collectively, help the people we serve to meet their basic needs, move forward, obtain employment, find housing and regain self-sufficiency. We are also the Manager of the Murphy Center for Hope, a local resource center for people experiencing homelessness.

Where can I donate gear? We accept small shipments of gear (a carload or less) at the Murphy Center (242 Conifer Street in Fort Collins) on Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. We accept larger donations at our warehouse (1305 Duff Drive, Unit 5) by appointment only. Please note that we do not have open hours at the warehouse. For a full list of what we collect, please click here.

Who do you serve? We serve individuals and families who are homeless or-at risk of becoming homeless. The people we serve represent a broad cross-section of our community. Our clients include individuals and families of all ages, races, colors, creeds, national origins, genders, sexual orientation, marital statuses, military statuses and disabilities.

How does Homeless Gear fit in with our community’s 10-year plan to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring? Homeless Gear is a proud partner in our community’s 10-year plan to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring (you can read more about the plan at www.Homeward2020.org). Each of our programs is designed to fill a gap in that plan. We also participate regularly in community-level conversations, give presentations on the issue of homelessness and engage thousands of community members in the work that we do.

Is this program somehow enabling people to become or remain homeless?  Survival is a prerequisite to self-sufficiency. Through our Distribution program, we provide people with the supplies that they need to survive, meet their basic needs and regain stability. Through our other programs, we help those same individuals access resources, obtain benefits, find employment, locate housing and escape homelessness.

Do you charge clients for the gear that you distribute? No.

Are cash contributions or gear donations tax deductible?   Yes.  Homeless Gear is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Homeless Gear is also an Enterprise Zone project, meaning that all monetary contributions of $250 or more are eligible for a 25 percent State of Colorado tax credit. Please request this certificate from us if your donation exceeds $250 — we do not automatically prepare or send one.

How can I get involved?  We are a volunteer-driven organization. Each year, more than 1,000 individuals volunteer in some capacity for Homeless Gear. Learn more here: http://homelessgear.org/volunteer-opportunities/

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